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In 2018 I was like many others and embarking on the “overland” craze. I wanted to make a new instagram page, but didn’t know what I was going to name it or if I was even going to have time to post.. My wife suggested “okie Overland.”, After all we did live in a suburb of Tulsa, OK. So I purchased the web domain and then decided on another direction. With all that said, I now use it to help direct others to companies, services, and media that we either own or believe in.. 

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we live and breathe adventure and the outdoors
Overland Radio

The "OG" of LIVE internet Radio for Overlanding. Weekly shows, live on location events and more..

Trout and trails

Our "NEW" community that allows you to interact with others that enjoy fly fishing or adventure seekers who blaze new trails and overland.. But really, all are welcome..

Organic Overland

Back in 2017 /2018 Lee was diagnosed with MS and thus we wanted to change our lifestyle. We already made many things for ourselves and so we had this idea to dabble in teas, spices, and seasoning blends. The rest is history...

Opus Owners

When we purchased out OPUS OP4 in 2018 Lee noticed there wasn't much of a community and so he decided to start building one. From there he started the OPUS Adventure Runs and The OPUS Owners Rendezvous and the OPUS Owners Website..

Overland Addict

Overland Addict has been the longest running sponsor for Overland Radio.. Chad has "HUNDREDS" of five star reviews and sets the bar extremely high for customer service in the overlanding lifestyle..

All Over Overland

If podcasts are your thing, then be sure to check out Michael and his content.. Michael tackles some fantastic topics and some that are a little more on the controversial side. But rest assured, he's giving you great information and enjoys what he's doing.. Go give him a listen and a follow.

Overland Podcast Network

Have you ever wished you could just find all the overlanding podcast in one place? even on social media, if there was one page that people could just share their latest episodes and interact. Well, check out the overland podcast network. It's new and if you are not a member, then join and as soon as a new podcast from your favorite creator post one you can go listen, interact and more.

The Overland Essentials

These guys are on the MOVE! If you are attending a show or expo, be sure to check out their website because they might be there. And if they are, the deals will be off the charts! They have paired with brands like Dometic, HEST, Gazelle, and more... Go check them out..

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We enjoy helping others find the best brands, the best dealers and service across the country. We travel, so we are fortunate to meet the best of the best and when we do, we want to share it.  And of course if you have time, join us on Tuesday evenings for our LIVE show on Overland Radio 8PM Central.